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Subaru Warranty Quote

Offering capability, longevity, safety, and value, Subaru is a manufacturer that’s dedicated to doing right by motorists. Once best known for high-octane rally cars, Subaru now focuses on producing vehicles that appeal to a much wider demographic, especially one that values versatility and no-nonsense driving above everything else. As such, protecting your Subaru from unexpected mechanical and electrical faults is something you must consider.

If you’re planning on driving your Subaru beyond its original warranty period, you’ll need to take out a policy with us. Yes, we know you might be more interested in making the most of your time at the wheel than thinking about what could go wrong under the bonnet, but you should always be properly prepared. Enjoy your car knowing that it’s appropriately covered with a comprehensive Subaru warranty from MotorEasy, one of the country’s leading motoring service providers.

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Why do I need a Subaru warranty?

We understand that you love your car (yes, we appreciate driving just as much as you!). Which is why, with each of our policies – from our Plan C through to our most comprehensive Plan A – the important bits are taken care of.

Hitting the open road should be freeing; with so much to see from the comfort of your car, the last thing you need is to worry about expensive repair bills. And you certainly shouldn’t risk driving without the right protection! So, what are you waiting for? Safeguard your Subaru with a comprehensive car warranty that’s competitively priced and take advantage of our exclusive membership benefits.


What’s covered with MotorEasy?

We’ll be there to help if your car is damaged due to an unforeseen mechanical or electrics failures. And with a wealth of vehicle knowledge, you can be assured of our commitment to you on the road.

Our contributions to recovery efforts also mean you won’t be out of pocket should you require assistance to get your car to a garage. We're here to make sure aren't left stranded!

Wear and tear cover is included in all our policies, too, particularly handy when you consider that the original manufacturer’s warranty excludes this benefit.

Likewise, you can expect 24/7 online booking and tracking of repairs, meaning that you’re never out of the loop. At MotorEasy, we aim to provide a first-rate Subaru warranty and outstanding customer service to help get you through the stress of unforeseen car troubles.


How to get your Subaru warranty quote

For a free online quote, just head to our quote page. You’ll be asked to fill in details about your car, as well as some personal information.

You’ll then receive your Subaru warranty quote online right there and then; it really couldn’t be easier!

If you’d rather talk to us over the phone, call 0800 131 0001 for free to speak with one of our friendly advisors about your Subaru warranty requirements.


Recent paid repairs for Subarus

Your Subaru may be one of the largest investments you ever make, which is why protecting it against mechanical and electrical faults should be a top priority. Check out the following guide for a breakdown of areas Subarus are most vulnerable under the hood:

  • Impreza: The most expensive Subaru our team has recently worked on. Total bills recently seen – including diagnostics, parts and labour – have been £2,400 and £3,847.58 (both engine-related jobs), as well as £4,200 (big end bearings). Safeguard your Subaru from unexpected repair costs with a comprehensive warranty from MotorEasy.
  • Legacy: Repairing internally lubricated parts in a Legacy cost an even £600. This may not seem like much at first, but the costs will almost certainly make an impact over the long haul, which is why a comprehensive Subaru warranty with MotorEasy is such a good idea.
  • Outback: Costs for this model of Subaru vary tremendously from component to component. From the wiring harness (£310.63) to the CVT auto gearbox (£5,936.54!), you could end up paying through the nose. Take out a comprehensive Subaru warranty with MotorEasy to receive the best combination of protection and price.