Award WinningGAP Insurance

Save up to 75% on dealer GAP Insurance prices

What is GAP Insurance?

GAP Insurance, or guaranteed asset protection, shields you from financial loss if your vehicle is declared a write-off by your car insurer due to accidents, theft, or damage from events like floods or fires.

Typically, insurers will only pay you the value of the vehicle at the time of the incident, rather than what you originally paid. Because cars can depreciate approximately up to 60% in the first three years, that could mean a significant shortfall in finance settlement charges or a loss in vehicle value. MotorEasy’s GAP Insurance bridges the gap between your insurance payout and your vehicle’s purchase price or outstanding finance.

To find out more about GAP, read our comprehensive GAP Insurance guide


Save money

Save up to 75% on dealer GAP Insurance prices

Most cars covered

New and used cars bought from dealerships and private sellers

24 hour payout

Payout within 24 hours of claim approval

What does GAP Insurance cover?


Accidental damage

Fire damage

Water damage

Other GAP Insurance benefits:

  • Up to £500 insurance excesses covered
  • Optional extras and accessories covered*
  • European road trips for up to 30 days covered
  • Savings on MotorEasy maintenance and repairs
  • A FREE MotorEasy account for updates 24/7

*Where factory or dealer fitted

What types of GAP Insurance are there?

Return to Invoice

New or used cars purchased within the last 6 months

RTI GAP Insurance covers the difference between your insurer’s payout and either the price you originally paid or the amount needed to settle your outstanding finance balance, whichever is the greater

Return to Invoice
Return to Value

New and used cars purchased more than 6 months ago from a private seller

RTV GAP Insurance covers the difference between your insurer’s payout, based on current value, and the original value, based on your GAP Insurance start date

Return to Value
Contract Hire & Lease

New or used cars purchased on a lease or contract hire agreement

Covers up to 100% of any outstanding rental payments on a vehicle, as well as any shortfall in a Finance settlement

Contract Hire & Lease
Finance GAP

Which manufacturers can I get GAP Insurance for?

Here at MotorEasy, we provide GAP Insurance for a wide range of manufacturers, from Audi to VW.

Check out some of the manufacturers we cover below or get a quote for a full list of makes and models we cover.