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Vauxhall GAP Insurance

Arguably one of Britain’s best-known motoring brands, Vauxhall has in fact been American owned for the best part of a century, ever since its 1925 purchase by General Motors. Nonetheless, it’s fair to say that Vauxhall’s identity has remained recognisably British, even while its cars mirror those of German GM subsidiary Opel.

Over the years some of the country’s most popular cars have sported Vauxhall’s griffin logo. Bestselling models like the Cavalier, Astra, Vectra and Corsa have exemplified the brand’s focus on affordability and popular appeal. Like Ford, its long-time rival in the UK market, Vauxhall covers a lot of bases across an extremely diverse range.


Why do I need Vauxhall GAP insurance?

If you want truly comprehensive cover for your Vauxhall, it’s well worth considering GAP insurance in addition to your standard policy.

Many motorists take out insurance without considering what would happen in the event of a write-off, which is hardly surprising as no one wants to contemplate a worst-case scenario. But it’s important to take into account the possibility and ensure you’re properly protected, after all, around half a million cars are written off every year.

In such circumstances it’s important to realise that, however good your insurance policy, it probably won’t pay out anything like the sum it would take to buy a new like-for-like replacement. There’s a perfectly good reason for this shortfall: it’s called depreciation.

Most insurers pay out the current market value of your car in the event of a write-off, which is typically a lot less than the original market value or the amount it would cost to replace your car with a shiny new model.

New cars typically depreciate in value very quickly. In fact, you can expect your car’s value to plummet the moment you drive it off the showroom forecourt. After three years it’s likely that depreciation has knocked 60% off the value of your car. So, a £20,000 Vauxhall Astra could be worth £8,000 three years after purchase.

Depreciation inevitably impacts on insurance claims. In the event that a three-year-old Astra is written off (or stolen), the insurance claim would be based on the current market value, which would leave you £12,000 short of the sum required to buy a like-for-like replacement.


What do I get with MotorEasy?

MotorEasy Vauxall GAP Insurance takes care of this shortfall, topping up your insurers payout to ensure that you have the amount you need to buy a new like-for-like replacement. GAP Insurance gives you complete peace of mind, even if your Vauxhall’s a write off. 

If you’re paying for your car with a leasing arrangement or PCP financing, which could leave you exposed to considerable debt in the event of a write-off, GAP Insurance makes even more financial sense.   

Available for all cars up to 8 years old (or with up to 80,000 miles on the clock), MotorEasy GAP Insurance represents a smart, easy and affordable way to remove these risks and enjoy your Vauxhall.


Car Theft

More than half a million cars are written off every year in the UK. Clearly, while it may not be a pleasant scenario to contemplate, it’s far from uncommon, which is why GAP insurance makes sense as a sensible top-up in addition to your existing cover. GAP insurance gives you an extra level of protection in the event of a write-off.

A write-off isn’t necessarily an irreparably damaged car, it might also be the result of theft. Consequently, our GAP insurance covers theft as well as accidental damage.

Theft accounts for a large number of write-offs every year. In fact, statistics show that the threat of car theft is on the rise in the UK. 112,174 motor vehicles were stolen in the UK in 2017/18, the equivalent of 307 every single day! Sadly, that figure also represents a significant increase on previous years and the continuation of 50% upsurge in car theft since 2014.


Getting your Vauxhall GAP insurance quote

Receiving a MotorEasy® Vauxhall GAP Insurance quote is quick and easy once you know how. Our GAP Insurance page gives you all the information you need and as well as access to a handy tool that will help you obtain an estimate in a matter of seconds. 

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