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Chrysler GAP Insurance

Attention Chrysler owners! Here's your chance to secure your vehicle with MotorEasy Chrysler GAP Insurance, despite Chrysler no longer trading in the UK.

While Chrysler's presence might be scarce now, their vehicles can still be found in the used car market. Although there is much to admire, especially the spaciousness of their models like the Grand Voyager, perfect for large families - Chrysler's reliability can often lead to frequent repairs, making it essential to ensure comprehensive protection for your cherished vehicle.

With MotorEasy Chrysler GAP Insurance, you can safeguard your Chrysler and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you're covered for any unforeseen circumstances. Don't delay – choose MotorEasy Chrysler GAP Insurance today to protect your Chrysler investment.



Why do I need Chrysler GAP Insurance?

Our Chrysler GAP Insurance provides an enhanced level of protection beyond your standard policy. If your Chrysler holds significant value to you, it's a requirement to recognize the potential limitations of your current insurance policy.

In most cases, standard insurance policies pay out based on the current market value of the vehicle.  Consequently, in the unfortunate event of a write-off, you might find yourself needing to cover a substantial amount on top of your insurance payout just to afford a like-for-like replacement.

This discrepancy is largely due to depreciation, which begins to take effect the moment you drive your Chrysler off the showroom floor. Within three years, the value of a new car typically depreciates by 60%. For instance, a £30,000 Chrysler 300C could lose its value, dropping to £12,000 three years after purchase.

Now, let's consider the scenario where your three-year-old 300C is written off or stolen. The insurance claim would likely reflect the current market value, leaving you with an £18,000 shortfall for purchasing a similar replacement.

Don't let this discrepancy catch you off guard – choose MotorEasy Chrysler GAP Insurance today and secure the future of your Chrysler.



What do I get with MotorEasy?

Avoid the financial gap with MotorEasy Chrysler GAP Insurance. It's your solution for bridging the difference between what your regular insurance policy pays out and the amount needed for buying a new, like-for-like replacement. With MotorEasy, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

If you're financing your Chrysler through a lease or PCP arrangement, the need for GAP cover becomes even more fundamental. These payment methods could potentially leave you grappling with substantial debt in the unfortunate event of a write-off.

MotorEasy GAP Insurance is available for all Chrysler cars up to 8 years old (or with up to 70,000 miles on the odometer). It's the smart, hassle-free, and lucrative way to eliminate these risks and relish every moment with your Chrysler.

Don't let unexpected financial burdens disrupt your Chrysler experience - choose MotorEasy Chrysler GAP Insurance today and drive worry-free.



Car Theft

Are you curious about the importance of GAP insurance? Over 500,000 cars are written off annually in the UK, making GAP insurance a wise investment.

MotorEasy GAP insurance isn't just for accidents - it also safeguards against car theft, which contributes to numerous write-offs yearly. Recent statistics indicate a rising trend in car theft, with 112,174 vehicles stolen in the UK in 2017/18, reflecting a 50% increase over five years.



How much does Chrysler GAP Insurance cost?

Chrysler owners, securing your MotorEasy Chrysler GAP Insurance quote is a stress-free process. Our dedicated GAP Insurance page offers all the essential information and grants you swift access to a convenient tool for generating your personalized MotorEasy GAP Insurance quote in just a few seconds. Don't wait any longer - protect your Chrysler with MotorEasy today.