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Welcome to the free MotorEasy account. Our account provides every motorist with something that will make their life easy. From reminders for when your MOT and tax is due, to getting a quote for defaqto rated insurance products, our account has a range of benefits tailored to your needs.

Thousands of MOTs and tax renewals are missed each year as we no longer have the handy reminder of our tax discs in the windshield of our vehicle.

Since tax discs were abolished on the 1st October 2014 the number of missed tax renewals and MOT tests has risen dramatically. It seems sending a reminder in the post isn't enough for a nation of forgetful motorists. People's lives are simply too busy to keep on top of the range of motoring dates they are obligated to meet each year.

MotorEasy have created the ultimate FREE account area to help you store all of your vehicle’s important information in one place, so you’ll never forget again! To sign up simply pop your details on this page.

But don’t forget - just by getting a quote for any of our fantastic products below will give you the opportunity to sign up for a free MotorEasy account. So why not get a MOT, Servicing, Warranty, Repair, GAP Insurance, Breakdown Cover, Alloy Insurance, Tyre Insurance, Cosmetic Repair or Battery Cover quote.


MotorEasy account area You're welcomed to your account with prompts to help with your session.

Personalised Prompts

Once you log into your account, you’ll see it’s jam packed with useful information to help make your life as a motorist as hassle free as possible.

At the top of your account there is a range of prompts which will differ each time you log in. Smart technology is used to decide what you may be looking for when going into your account.

You can switch between cars in your ‘virtual garage’ to make bookings, look at documentation, and check up on new vouchers.

Up To Date Information and Reminders

If you scroll down, information about your vehicle such as MOT, service and tax dates are shown. You’ll be able to see the due dates indicated with a green, amber or red system, and how much time you have left until this date. This will continuously be updating, and we will send you timely reminders via your account messages to inform you when any of these need booking.

If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, you can click on ‘Sell your car’ to get an attractive quote from our partner Motorway.

Vehicle Information See all of your vehicle's important information in one place

If you have multiple cars, you can add more than one vehicle to your account with the ‘Add Car’ button. Switching between vehicles is easy, you can view the list by clicking on the down arrow button next to your registration. Lastly, if your car is your pride and joy, there’s an opportunity to add a photo to your account!

MotorEasy account area Add multiple vehicles to one account
MotorEasy account area View all of the vehicles in your account in one place
MotorEasy account area Upload a photo of your pride and joy to your account!
Vehicle protection products Keep track of your purchases

My Purchased Products

Underneath your vehicle information, policies purchased through MotorEasy are displayed here.

Each purchase will be listed with the plan type, the days remaining before a renewal is due, and plan documentation. 

This will be updated whenever a new purchase is made and can be referred to if you ever have any queries about your products. 

Product Suggestions

Our NEW product suggestion section offers you personalised prices for your vehicle, based on its age and mileage! We'll direct you to our quote journey where you can finish off the quote and get the best deal.

Product Suggestions Look through personalised product quotes based on the age and mileage of your vehicle


Documents and MOT History

This section is where you can find and upload all your important documents. Whether it's MotorEasy workshop jobs, or one's you choose to upload yourselff, you can find it all in one place.

If your car is older than 3 years old then your MOT history will be automatically imported, including the mileage at each MOT test and any advidories or failiures that occurred. This gives you a good idea of exactly what your car has been through over it's lifetime.


Important Car Documents Store all of your important documents in one place

Within this section you will also be able to see any recalls that your car has had since it was manufactured. If you are unsure whether or not these recalls have been dealt with you can look here to see a list of recalls, and here for further detail on the recall. 

Car recalls You can view if there are any recalls relating to your vehicle


 The next section of your account is where you will find all of your recent or future bookings, or if you haven't booked anything yet - a place to create new bookings. 

You are able to view the dates and details of any upcoming bookings in the first column, along with being able to view all historical bookings. If you have opted for a MotorEasy FItC warranty the details will appear in the middle column. Lastly, the final column is your personalised repair tracker which will be updated at every stage of your booking, so you know exactly what is going on with your vehicle.

MotorEasy booking Keep track of all of your MotorEasy bookings!



An exciting addition to the MotorEasy account area - the marketplace. The ‘Selected Partner Offers’ rotates each time you log into your account, and let’s you have access to exclusive discounts for MotorEasy members from partners such as Halfords, Zuto, and more.  Below, there are quotes for a variety of products from many providers, so you know that you're getting the best price and cover for your vehicle.

Even if you decide to go elsewhere you can add your policy from another provider into your account, so all your vehicle's information is kept in one place.

Think of it as a built in comparison website but all from the comfort of your MotorEasy account!

MotorEasy marketplace Browse through many MotorEasy and partner deals


Additional/ Useful Information

The last section of your account contains lots of interesting content and information to give you a stress free motoring experience. 

You can find cars to buy and lease, Haynes instructional videos, motoring and lifestyle vouchers, handy car accessories and our very own magazine area Easystreet.

Car leasing Check out the rest of your account for more useful information

We're constantly updating and improving your account area and have designed it so you have just one place to visit to see details about your vehicle.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a MotorEasy account today!

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